The new Victrix Small Bore line in .22 L.R.

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F I N A L L Y    P R O O F    T H A T    S I Z E   D O E S N ’ T    A L W A Y S    M A T T E R

Not always the most widespread beliefs correspond to reality. Here’s why it’s important to expand the horizons: it’s time to give precision shooting a new dimension.

We present you the new Victrix Small Bore line in .22 L.R.

Little noise, no recoil, zeroed reloading time, low operating costs, maximum precision and extreme fun, in perfect Victrix Armaments style.

T H E    C H A R M    I S    A L S O    I N    S M A L L E R    T H I N G S

Our rifle designed for PRS shooting is now available in an unedited version.

Victrix Venus Small Bore is the Victrix Armaments sporting series rifle which celebrates the charm of precision in the PRS Rimfire world.

The unexpected, reserve it for your opponents.

Ideal for PRS® shooting


.22 L.R. (1/16)

Barrel length

22”  /  24”  /  26”


5,23 kg (11,53 lb), with an empty magazine, barrell length 22’’ and no scope

5,33 kg (11,75 lb), with an empty magazine, barrell length 24’’ and no scope

5,43 kg (11.97 lb), with an empty magazine, barrell length 26’’ and no scope


Overall length: 1044 mm (41.10”) with thread cover ring and barrel length 22’’

Overall length: 1095 mm (43.11”) with thread cover ring and barrel length 24’’

Overall length: 1146 mm (45.12”) with thread cover ring and barrel length 26’’

Base rifle

Lothar Walther hammer-forged rifled barrel in special steel

Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple button adjustments and an adjustable insulated cheek piece, equipped with an Anschutz-type rail on the underside

Single-feed and single stack 10-round polymer magazine

High-strength monobloc chassis in light alloy

Light profile forend in light alloy equipped with a side M-LOK® system and QD

(Quick Detach) attachments, an integrated Anschutz-type rail in the middle and an integrated Arca rail that runs the entire length

Ergonomic and interchangeable zero angle flat top grip for standard AR platform

20 MoA action rail in light alloy

Threaded muzzle cover ring

Action in AISI 630 worked out from billet

Bolt with two asymmetric rear lugs arranged at an angle of 60 degree lift, with a quick disassembly system

Matt PVD finish on the action and polished PVD finish on the bolt

Victrix Sporting Plus Single-stage adjustable trigger with a two-position safety:

standard setting approx. 400 gr (14.11 oz)

Protective bag for a safe transport

Explorer Case for transport cod. 13513

User manual and welcome kit

Stock colour

Every and each component made of light alloy undergoes a hard black anodising.

Victrix Venus Small Bore V is available in the following finishes:

Orobic-blue, CERAKOTE ceramic polymer coating

Hard black anodised

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