Sako Quad Hunter Pro

Interchangeable barrels, traditional walnut wood stock, this is no ordinary rimfire.

Sako Quad Hunter Pro
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Sako Quad Hunter Pro

The Sako Quad Hunter Pro has the latest Sako features and is designed to look and feel like a traditional Sako hunting rifle. The full-sized walnut stock resembles the famous Sako 75 design and offers the same accuracy as all legendary Sako hunting rifles.You will find that the Sako Quad is no ordinary rimfire, it is a small bore hunting and training firearm that functions as its own system, complete with several options to choose between.

Interchangeable barrels

Sako's trailblazing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking lead to the design of interchangeable barrels. The barrel change on a Sako Quad only takes a few seconds: just insert a tool, turn it 3 full circles, and tilt the barrel upwards while pulling out the action. Then simply insert another barrel, and change calibre if you wish. This makes the Sako Quad extremely versatile  and its accuracy is phenomenal. Corresponding barrels have individual serial numbers.


Barrel change

It takes just a few seconds to change the barrel so you can change calibre. Simply, insert a tool, turn it 3 full circles, tilt the barrel upwards while pulling out the action, and then insert another barrel.

Sako Quad calibres

Calibres from left to right: 17 Mach 2, another version of the popular 22 LR; 22 LR, the universal calibre for target shooting and close-range small game hunting; 17 HMR, a high velocity varmint cartridge with excellent ballistics up to 150 yards; 22 WMR, the most powerful and an excellent small game and varmint cartridge.

Colour coding

Both barrels and magazines are colour coded and marked to indicate matching pairs.

Quality rimfire

Built to the same standards as Sako centrefire rifles with the same feel, ergonomics and quality. Regardless of the calibre, you will get all of Sako’s known high quality features.

Quad heavy barrel

The Sako Quad Heavy Barrel rifle can take repeated firing without getting too warm. The Monte Carlo-type cheek piece on black synthetic stock grants a great bench shooting position. The rifle’s length of pull can be adjusted with recoil pad spacers.

Technical Specifications

= as standard, + = as option
Total length (mm)
Barrel length (mm)
Weight (kg)
Open sights
Without sights
Single stage trigger
Single set trigger
Detachable magazine
Magazine capacity
Muzzle thread

17 HMR / 9" / 6
17 Mach 2 / 9" / 6
22 LR / 16.5" / 6
22 WMR / 16" / 6

Sako: Demand perfection

Your Sako is a combination of advanced technology and traditional gunsmith craftsmanship.

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