BERETTA SL2 Sporting


BERETTA SL2 Sporting
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BERETTA SL2 Sporting

Beauty, innovation and craftsmanship in a perfect match.

Designed for you.

Unprecedented performance.

Pure emotions.

For those who believe that victory is of the essence.

Beretta, with Pietro Beretta Selection, redefines the paradigm of clay target shooting with SL2, the new over & under platform that marks the beginning of a new era: the Hypergun.

Showcasing unmatched craftsmanship, forward-thinking design and cutting-edge technical innovations, the custom-built SL2 is crafted for victory.  A revolutionary shooting platform that sets new standards in the sport. The SL2 stands out as the first shotgun to feature the advanced Steelium® Pro X barrels, offering unprecedented performance.

Boss-type locking system

The shotgun features a variation of the Beretta SO10 Boss-type locking system with a locking lug that fits on the hinge pin height,

while the base of the monobloc engages in a slot carved into the base of the action.

Racing-design detachable trigger group

As for the legendary DT11, the trigger group is detachable and quickly replaceable,

with leaf springs that ensure a clean and even trigger pull at all times.

Carbon fiber trigger group can be acquired separately and replaced to the steel standard supply.

Superior balance

The lower Boss-type locking system allowed to thin out the receiver head

for wider field of view, but also to enlarge the receiver base and lower the center

of gravity of the gun, being even more in line with the hinge pins.

All this allows an improved swing and reduced recoil.

The best ballistic performance on the market, further improved.

An innovative barrel profile has been specifically designed for SL2, to push the performances

of the ultra-tested Beretta Steelium® barrel technology to their ultimate level: the Steelium® Pro X barrels were developed with

Beretta professional shooters, featuring an elongated choke fitting compared to the DT11 Steelium® Pro profile for better terminal energy,

easier recoil management, optimised shot patterns and better results with steel pellets.

The experience of 500 years barrel manufacturing: the Beretta Steelium® technology

The exclusive tri-alloy Beretta steel (Ni, Cr, Mo), the deep drilling, the cold hammer forging, the vacuum distension

and the progressive inner profile with forcing cones provide smoother shots with reduced muzzle rise and guarantees perfect,

dense and uniform patterns with any type of ammunition.

Hand barrel polishing

As for any PB Selection shotgun, the barrel surface is carefully polished by the hands of the Pietro Beretta Italian gunsmiths to get to a shiny finish.

OCXP® chokes

Steelium® Pro X barrels feature longer choking for smoother shooting. Compared to 70 mm Optimachoke® HP mounted on

the previous Steelium® range barrels, Optimachoke® XP chokes are 20 mm longer, for a total of 90 mm.

To prevent from any safety issue, the cylinder of OCXP® chokes has been slightly modified from the OCHP® one, to avoid

incorrect assembly of OCHP® chokes on Steelium® Pro X barrels, and vice versa.

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