Axil Trackr Electronic Earmuffs

Hearing enhancement & hearing protection at the same time

Axil Trackr Electronic Earmuffs
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Axil Trackr Electronic Earmuffs

SportEAR Trackr Electronic Earmuffs

AXIL leads the world in premium dual hearing enhancement & protection technology.

Trackr™ electronic earmuffs are perfect for anyone who wants an affordable and reliable solution to enhance and protect their hearing.  Made for environments where you need to hear and protect your hearing at the same time, these clear, smooth sound improving ear muffs let you hear around you while protecting your hearing from damaging loud noises. Perfect for a variety of outdoor and indoor activities like stadium events, auto racing, shooting, hunting, industrial, construction and more because Axil's technology will automatically shut out loud damaging sounds without compromising your ability to hear what is going on around you.

Trackr earmuffs are designed from the inside out to keep moisture, sweat and water out. Indoors or out, wear your new earmuffs in any environment (except swimming- of course!), and during any activity that requires hearing protection.

Trackr Features:

Smooth, clear, hearing, and enhanced sound quality

40 dB Gain/Amplification

Autoblocker technology shuts off all sounds over 85 dB

25 dB NRR- hearing protection

Reduces wind noise

Sweat & water resistant

2 directional microphones

Full dynamic range, high-fidelity speakers for clear, balanced sound

Low noise/frequency tuned for natural sound clarity

Single volume control

Sound dampening composite housing

Sound activated compression - 0.02 second reaction time

Audio input jack

Recessed volume control knobs

Comfortable headband w/metal wire frame

External battery door

Operates on 2 'AAA' batteries - included

Sweat and water resistant

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