Beretta Defence Technologies

Your first line of defense

Beretta Defense Technologies is an alliance of five market leading companies, masters of excellence and new world thinkers owned by Beretta Holdings, who have focused their combined technical prowess and now form a single source contact, supplying the operational needs of Defence & Law Enforcement personnel worldwide.

These founding companies of Beretta Defense Technologies produce some of the finest weaponry and equipment in their category. They have taken their positions through decades of dedication, innovation and investment and now form a single source contact for high tech military tools they are renowned for.

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Principle aims of Beretta Defense Technologies:


Provide Military & Law Enforcement agencies with the best fit solution for their operational needs.


Serve as a “one stop shop“, compromising of experts in their fields who are able to listen to requirements, and match operational needs with an industry leading solution.


Integrate all necessary components in order to deliver the customer an optimised best value for dollar solution.


To create customer relationships based upon trust and confidence, leading to long-term partnership arrangements.

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