Beretta Defence Technologies New Zealand


Beretta Defense Technologies New Zealand is a leading supplier of firearms and related products, servicing Military & Law Enforcement agencies with the best solutions for their operational needs. Creating relationships with consumers that are built on trust and confidence in order to forge long-lasting partnerships with them is at forefront of our mission.

Beretta Defense Technologies is the worldwide strategic alliance of Beretta Holding companies including Beretta Defense Technologies New Zealand that supply services and products to Military and Law Enforcement operators around the world. These companies are globally renowned for decades of expertise and leadership in their respective fields, state of the art machinery and extensive R&D capabilities. Together, they offer one of the most complete offerings in the industry: including services, firearms, various ammunitions, optics and electro-optics as well as tactical clothing.

We believe the individual Law Enforcement Officer or Soldier is the ultimate system: integrating training, knowledge, and technology to successfully perform his mission. Our mission is to provide him with the solutions needed to improve lethality, survivability, mobility, situational awareness, sustainability, training, and overall mission success, current and future. Through the BDT alliance, our companies propose integrated solutions combining their expertise, and develop integral solutions that will interface with 3rd party solutions where needed.


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