Beretta Worldwide: A Global Force

Thanks to Beretta's availability worldwide, the adoption by military and law enforcement agencies in multiple countries, it's use in high profile movies such as James Bond, Lethal Weapon, Terminator 2, Mission Impossible III (just to name a few) and the strong fan base garnered from centuries of solid performance - Beretta is truly a household name.

Beretta Holding SpA, which is controlled by the Beretta family, is the holding company for Beretta and other market-leading brands including: Benelli, Burris, Franchi, Sako, Steiner, Stoeger, Stoeger Airguns, Tikka and Uberti

Beretta: The world’s oldest firearms manufacturer


Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.

The history of Beretta dates back to 1526, when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta of Gardone (Brescia, Italy) received 296 ducats as payment for 185 arquebus barrels sold to the Arsenal of Venice. This was just the beginning of Beretta’s world-wide success story, spanning 15 generations and nearly 500 years.

Following its inception, the business remained in the family for many generations and was ultimately catapulted onto the world stage thanks to Giuseppe Beretta (1840-1903), who understood the importance of international markets, and Pietro Beretta (1870-1957), who modernised manufacturing methods, allowing the prestigious firearms company to spread out well beyond Italy’s borders.


Currently, Beretta’s output is approximately 1,500 firearms a day which is distributed to over 100 countries. Irrespective of these impressive volumes, Beretta has continued to deliver firearms of superior quality, elegant design and materials, flawless construction, and outstanding performance.

As Fabbrica d‘Armi Pietro Beretta embarks on its 3rd Millennium, it is presided over by Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta and his sons, Pietro and Franco, who draw on Beretta’s years of vast experience. That experience, combined with investments in technology, organisation and growing product lines, has prepared Beretta for today’s global market demands. The core value of total commitment to quality was established by Bartolomeo Beretta almost 5 centuries ago, and continues to be the bedrock of the company today, and the unchanging key to Beretta’s worldwide success. 


"At Beretta, five hundred years young, we look forward with excitement and anticipation to an unending future, continuing to do best – the making of a unique and noble product: firearms."
- Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta



There’s so much more to Beretta than its illustrious history


  • The Beretta Foundation: A not-for-profit cancer research organisation

    The Beretta Foundation carries out scientific research into malignant neoplasia with focus on the collection and analysis of clinical and experimental data of different forms of cancer, as well as the indication of therapies for patients suffering from types of neoplasia, particularly breast or lung cancer, with special attention to prevention and immunology studies.

    The Foundation was named after Pier Giuseppe Beretta, and was set up according to his wishes in 1981.  It was officially recognised by Presidential decree no. 275 of 20 April 1983.


  • Beretta’s range of exquisite wines

    The Beretta family also owns 3 vineyards in Italy. This goes well beyond just a set of hobby vineyards, the vineyards produce serious world-class wines that are just as high-quality and immaculate as a Beretta firearm.


The Vineyards

Franciacorta (Brescia)  Chianti (Tuscany) Colline Teramane (Abruzzo)

Each wine is testament to Beretta’s commitment to passion, excellence and innovation. What’s more, the vast majority of wines are DOCG, DOC and IGT accredited – meaning they comply with the strictest of Italian quality assurance specifications.

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