Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Sako Finnfire and Finnfire II?

The original and legendary Sako Finnfire was built on a P94S action. The Finnfire II is built on the P04R action, which is the same action the Sako Quad is based on, however with a fixed barrel. 

Is there an accuracy guarantee on a Sako or Tikka rifle?

Absolutely. Sako 85 and A7’s have a 5-shot 1 M.O.A. @ 100m guarantee. 

Tikka have a 5-shot 1 M.O.A. @ 100m guarantee with heavy barrel models (Varmint, Super Varmint, Tactical) or 3-shot 1 M.O.A @ 100m guarantee with all other models.

I can’t choose between a 1 in 12 and 1 in 8 rate of twist (ROT) for a .223 Rem calibre – what is the difference?

The 1 in 12 ROT is by far the more popular twist rate here in Australia for the .223 Rem, as most factory ammunition is produced with 55grs or 50 grs projectiles. However if you plan to only shoot 60grs and above projectiles, you should consider a 1 in 8 twist as the faster twist will stabilize a heavier projectile better than the slower 1 in 12. 

Do Sako and Tikka rifles need to be run in?

No. They are famous for their out-of-the-box accuracy. Sako and Tikka rifles have been run in at the Sako factory during proof and accuracy testing. It is good practice however to clean your barrel before firing for the first time as there may be some packing grease in your barrel.

Some bench rest shooters still insist on running the rifle in themselves. While it is not required it is of course not at any detriment to the rifle. Guidelines are as follows: 

  • Whilst sighting in your rifle for the very first time, before firing, clean the inside of the barrel with a cleaning rod and wipe dry with a clean patch until no packing grease is evident, then fire a shot – repeat the clean procedure after every shot for the first 5 shots together with some mild solvent, then clean once after the next 5 shots, then finally clean again after the next 10 shots (20 shots fired). Allow the barrel to cool between groups of shots (if you can't hold the barrel with your bare hand, then it is too hot to shoot – let it cool first).

    As Sako and Tikka barrels have been lapped several times at the Sako factory, you will find that your barrel should not foul easily – therefore this running in procedure is not as necessary as with other brands of rifles.

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