AXIL XP Reactor earplugs

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AXIL XP Reactor earplugs

The XP Reactor earplugs have reactive, interchangeable filters that block damaging noise while letting you hear frequencies to help you maintain more normal hearing around you. 

Take Control of Your Hearing

Say goodbye to those generic, awkward, and uncomfortable ear plugs. The XP Reactor plugs give you something no other protection on the market can -CONTROL; these new noise cancelling earplugs give you total control over your hearing by helping you block out loud, harmful noises while still giving you the ability to hear what is going on around you. You can finally have the peace of mind that your hearing is being protected while staying connected to the world.

So, How Does it Work?

The XP Reactor are non-digital, silicone ear plugs. Their design is simple, but they are constructed by some of the most experienced and professional sound engineers in the hearing industry.

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