TSK Adjustable Stock

The most technologically advanced, fully adjustable stock.

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TSK Adjustable Stock

Italian brand TSK takes the meaning of 'adjustable stock' to a whole new level. With this stock you are able to customise your shotgun for the perfect fit, and make adjustments for years to come. Suits a range of O/Us - from Beretta to Perazzi. (More models will be added to the range over time.) And with a Black, Silver and Titanium to choose from, you have the option to choose what you find most aesthetically pleasing as well.

Comb: The drop at comb can be positioned as desired with a 20mm stroke. The cast of the comb is adjustable, which means you can adjust the comb as desired to fit you personal needs. The cast of the comb is adjustable up to 10 mm.

Stock length: The stock length is adjustable with a 25mm stroke. The shaft slides on a proper system of bushings that also act as brakes via the locking system.

Cast: The cast takes place by rotation of the butt plate on the shaft and can be held in place by a set of screws. Thanks to its milling, the butt plate can also rotate on the clamping screws and move to adjust the cast.

Pitch adjustment: The geometries of the system to adjust the pitch enable the shotgun to memorise the settings. This allows you to detect the right angle to the pitch by shooting a few shots before the final locking. The pitch (from 82° to 92°) can also be adjusted independently according to the graduated scale etched on the butt plate.

Drop at heel: The sliding of the butt plate is 20mm. It allows you to find the natural shouldering.

All structural elements are made from solid high-strength light alloys. The screws used are stainless steel with appropriate Helicoil inserts. The butt plate is elastomeric resin or Turkish walnut. The grip and comb are also in Turkish walnut. Weight 940g.

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