SportEAR Ghost Stryke

100% lynx digital head muffs without the muffs. Amplifies everything up to 6x the normal range.

Code: SE-GS-B
SportEAR Ghost Stryke
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SportEAR Ghost Stryke

Hear everything around you but the loud boom of the gun!

Imagine time at the range or in the field and where you are able to converse or even hear the game that you are stalking but have up to 30 DB NRR with the included foam tips. This is top-end performance enhancing hearing equipment with automatic and simultaneous hearing protection – a supreme advantage for hunters.

You no longer have to be inconvenienced with bulky head muffs or large, outdated, uncomfortable behind the ear devices that get in the way of your comfort or performance.

- Up to 30dB NRR and 100% lynx digital sound clarity

- Digital compression hearing protection 

- Superb digital sound quality that surpasses most high end hearing technologies Universal SecurFit design

SportEAR hearing enhancement and protection

Watch to hear the difference.

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