Norma 12ga STEEL MAX MATCH No 8

12/70 24g No 8 (25)

Code: NOR77112514
Norma 12ga STEEL MAX MATCH No 8
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Norma 12ga STEEL MAX MATCH No 8

The 12 gauge shotgun, also referred to as the 12ga, is the most commonly used caliber of shotgun in the world.

It is applicable for a wide variety of game depending on what type of shotgun shells are loaded into the gun.

Caliber  -  12/70

Weight  -  24g/370gr

Velocity0  -  1361.2 f/s

Shot Size  -  2.2 mm

Shot Number  -  No 8

Lead-Free  -  1

Brass Head Height  -  16 mm

Wad Material  -  plastic container

Wad Type  -  Gp steel (Gyttorp)

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There is no such thing as “a magic bullet”. A perfect shot is always a combination of both products and skills.

For nearly 120 years, NORMA has been the microbrewery of the ammunition industry.

Care, passion, quality, and an endless search for the “perfect bullet” makes this a particularly relevant analogy.

Producing advanced ammunition is a demanding process that incorporates deep respect for an ancient craft and a genuine passion for the world of hunting and marksmanship.

We push ourselves every day in the factory to offer you exceptional products that perform at the highest standards and levels compared to any bullets manufactured in the world today.

The rest is up to you!

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